Each item on our drinks menu is carefully chosen with specific qualities in mind.  Our smoothies are close to our heart and each recipe has been crafted by a member of our team.  The change to a vegetarian or vegan diet can be a challenging one and we have found that smoothies are one of the best tools to help us on this journey.

We try and pack in ingredients that are high in nutrients, fibre and protein and which will give you long-lasting energy throughout the day.

Our fresh juices are a recent addition to our menu even though we have been planning the recipes since before we even opened. Summer was the perfect time to launch the menu, but now we love them so much that they will be here to stay throughout the winter.  The perfect item for a detox day or hang-over boost.

Lastly the drinks that we sell that are not made fresh are chosen on 3 criteria. 1. No additives or sugars 2. Nutrient content 3. Environmental sustainability of the packaging. But of course they wouldn't even make it to this test if they didn't taste great!