Being really happy, what does it mean?


This morning I looked in my mail and found an article in Ill-Bizzilla, Air Malta’s magazine, mentioning the Grassy Hopper as one of the three places to eat in Malta as a vegan. How Malta has an ever growing vegan community, over 5000, and is changing rapidly. I feel deep gratitude for Grassy being recognised as one of the places to go to inMalta, looking for a plant based menu. Especially with so many good other restaurants on the island!

We always had a vision at the Grassy, how it has never been about being vegan or vegetarian, but about being truly healthy. How the energy of the chef already defines so much in the outcome of the food. How the service you receive at our little establishment will be of great influence how you feel when you walk out of the door. How the products you use define the outcome. How every little thing at Grassy is intertwined into a formula, to give you, the customer the best experience, whilst serving, and maybe teaching a thing about real, honest, healthy food.

Being truly happy is something we all want. And when you look at what makes you really happy, it is never the new car, nor the 2 tv’s. The clothes you wear or the money on your account. It is mostly the experiences you have and share with people. These are things that are priceless. And your health. You cannot place money on health. Unfortunately people do not realise this, until they get sick. Your body and your mind, defines your happiness. It defines what you will do with your life. It defines everything.

The scary thing is that mostly, we take it all for granted. Our mental health, our physical health. I’ve met people who are at the end stage of their lives because of disease, and they truly absorb everything in life. They enjoy the small, but yet most important things in life. I’ve met people with mental issues, anxiety, bipolar, depression, and more. And most of them, if they get to break out of the cycle, realise how important the intake of the right food is for there health. But what if we could realise before it gets to late?

This is what the Grassy Hopper is. We want you to live the most fulfilling life possible. To absorb everything that is truly important in life. To serve everyone in the best way you can. Every little small encounter you have in your daily routine matters. Because you matter. The food you put in your body every day is of such great influence in how you feel, act, and how your life will enfold.


Our sister company Sanya is on a mission to help people GoWithin themselves, since we all have the obligation to one selves to live the best, happy and fulfilling life as possible. If you truly want to change your life, I strongly suggest you have a look at their stress reset program. Founder Yasmin de Giorgo has developed a 14 Day Stress Reset Experience™ based on her own experiences, training, and many years of energy, blood, sweat and tears running 3 businesses and being a character prone to a burn out. If anyone knows how to deal with stress, it is her.

Once we understand that the fulfilling part has nothing to do with status, money or things, we can move beyond, and start to really live, and all in our own ways serve humanity at its best.

And that is in the end what truly matters. Is it not?

Hope to see you all at Grassy, every Saturday we have a different theme, keep an eye on Facebook for updates, our chef Ozzu is back from is well deserved break, keep the 4th of May free for a beautiful Indonesian night!

- Rachelle

2018, what a year it was!


A few more days left before we enter a new year, and what better moment to reflect on all that has happened and changed in our lives.

This has definitely been one of the most moving, changing, and challenging years in the Grassy Hopper history. It was the year where we changed our opening hours, and stopped serving breakfast and lunch, something that was the core of our business the last 5 years. 

The beginning of 2018 started with the closing of our Valletta outlet, and slowly changing our Gzira outlet in a business ensuring on a daily basis that we offered what we had been promising for the last 5 years. To serve the best quality, healthy food, prepared with love and good energy, and always plant based.

We started to open the cafe in the evenings, where we created a place for our customers to go on a world wide trip; being introduced to different cuisines and cultures. Presenting worldly authentic dishes, all changed into plant based versions. Our Cuban nights became a popular theme, and still customers enjoy our Jackfruit sandwich, a twist on the classic cuban sandwich. From Jerusalem to Indonesia, from Mexico to South Africa, Japan and Latin America, no country remained untouched.

It was a change for our team, some decided to continue on their own personal journey and made the travel back home, and others traveled many miles to come and work at the Grassy Hopper. It was a year of emotional goodbye’s and heartwarming new friendships. If anything, the Grassy Team has become a real family.

I can truly say it was a busy year, and am happy to add that our changes have been received positively by our customers. We changed our daily cafe into a full service restaurant where we emphasised the service, creating a safe and warm environment for everyone to enter and have a great evening. 

In 2018 we received a Golden certificate from the Sustainable eats and treats organisation, rewarding us for our never stopping quest on being a sustainable business, where we recycle, use organic soaps, and never use plastic packaging. We source our products as much as possible local, and never stop to question how we can improve this mission. 

So now 2019 is 4 days away. It is a promising year ahead, and we look very much forward to offer even more of our core values to our customers. It will be a year where we will grow from “just” a restaurant, into a platform offering workshops, guidance, and opportunities for our customers to truly find the tools to live a fulfilling life. 

But more about this soon. 

Now is the time to reflect, and create space for yourself to decide how your 2019 will look like; and what you have learned from 2018. Yours truly will spend three days at a retreat hosted by Sanya, reflecting and diving into my own personal journey before closing the year. As I do so, I wish you a fantastic last week of 2018 surrounded by Love, and I am looking forward to see you all back at Grassy in 2019.


Management The Grassy Hopper

We will be open on the 28th with a gluten free pizza fest, and the 29th with bistro evening, before closing for the year. 

Big Changes Ahead

This month 5 years ago I swung open the hatch of the Grassy Hopper trailer and we started selling our first smoothies, juices and veggie burgers.

I was a woman on a mission to help people eat better. I wanted us all to have more choices,  for it to be easier to eat well and for it to be seen as something that makes you a better and more interesting person.

Looking back now, I feel I have accomplished many of those things. It is indeed much easier to eat healthily now. There are more options, cafes, food trucks and restaurants sprouting up in many parts of the island and even old favourites adding healthier dishes to their can even get a healthy meal delivered to your door.

There is still a long way to go. And there are still many issues within the food and catering industry (more on that later).

As I look forward to the next 5 years...I have been asking myself what role the Grassy Hopper has to play in our society and what I personally can continue to give to the cause.

2 years ago I started a new project Sanya Eco Spa. Sanya was born out of Grassy Hopper. It is a continuation of my mission to help people feel better. Whilst that mission started through has now expanded to include yoga, meditation, tools to de-stress, body work, breathwork, holistic treatments and more. There are so many people suffering from stress, anxiety and many other conditions that can be alleviated quite easily through lifestyle changes.

Personally when I look ahead to the next 5 years...I feel my deepest calling is to do this work.

The Grassy Hopper means too much to myself and many others to simply give up on its mission. So looking ahead we have decided to make some radical changes that will allow us to keep innovating and keep us doing what we love most….educating and seeking out those areas of health which are still not being given enough attention.

To do that...we have decided that churning out meals on a daily basis is not the best use of our energy...we want the time to put more thought and attention into both our creations and also the message behind and experience of having a Grassy Hopper meal...SO..

We will no longer be operating our cafe during the day. From the 20th of October we will only be opening for 4 evenings a week...bringing you 2 special concept dinners and 2 vegetarian bistro evenings. We’re also going to be concentrating on catering for specific events and requests including office lunches, parties, weddings etc.

We’ve really enjoyed the atmosphere of our evening events and are looking forward to some really cool ideas that we are going to develop over the coming weeks.

I know many people may struggle to understand this move and may be disappointed to not be able to get their lunches BUT we hope you will keep following our journey and that we will inspire you and serve you in different ways.

Upcoming events:

October 11th - Gluten Free Pizza Night

October 12th - Cuban Night

October 18th - Darjeeling Express (Indian)

October 20th - Ramen Night

October 24th - Plant Based Sushi Night

October 26th - Indonesian Night

Message our page to book your table for any of the above! Thank you for following our journey so far and we hope to see you at our events!


(The Grassy Hopper Founder)


Bistro menu @ the Grassy Hopper

The Grassy Hopper is launching  "The Bistro Evenings" !

During the last few months the Grassy Hopper has been open during Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings with different dishes, and events to take you on a culinary trip in time. From today however, the grassy hopper has decided to offer a fixed menu, with 2 starters and 3 main dishes to chose from on the evenings where they do not offer a special event.

For our special events check our Facebook page to be sure not to miss any information.

All of the plates are plant based, and they try to offer as much gluten free options as possible.

For this month, the fixed menu during the bistro evenings is: 


Beetroot carpaccio (V & GF)

Nori pocket (V & GF)


Creamy mushroom Pasta (V) 

Gado Gado salad with brown rice (V)

Fajita skewers with tabouleh and cilantro chimichurri (V & GF)


For desserts, you will be able to choose from the vegan sweets made atTheobroma Raw cacao collective boutique ☺ 

You can choose either starter & main for 17,50€, main & dessert for 16,50€ or all three for 20,50€. 

The menu will be fixed for one month and then our chefs will create a different one, always following the seasonal changes, and trends within the plant based world. Reservations can be done between 18:30-20:30 and 20:30-22:30 by calling 21311676.

New Lunch menu

We are releasing a brand new menu especially for summer ! Fresh vegetables, fruits and superfoods will not be lacking in our new recipes! For the hottest season in Malta, we wanted to focus even more on juicy, fresh and green ingredients on your plates. It is part of Grassy philosophy to adapt our menu to the different periods of the year. For summer we wanted to offer cold, lighter alternatives using seasonal and refreshing ingredients.

The new menu includes :

  • A brand new wrap : Green Protein Wrap

The wrap is made with green peas guacamole, avocado, tofu, spinach and cauliflower. Lighter and easier to digest, this new wrap will also provide you with a big amount of protein.

Please note that the Burrito wrap will stay in the menu for the summer.

  • All salads are being changed for summer : because a cold and fresh salad is probably the most appreciable meal during the hottest season in Malta !

Green Leafy salad with buckwheat cakes and sweet mustard dressing. This fresh and sweet salad is fully vegan and gluten free.

Cold noodle salad with tahini and matcha (finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves). As we use rice noodles, this salad is also gluten free.

  • Summer should not mean that we cannot appreciate a good soup anymore! That is why, at Grassy, we prepare a special when-its-too-hot-outside refreshing soup. It contains beetroot, coconut and wasabi cream. It is as cold as gazpacho, but is as a beautiful pink color to please our eyes!

  • Ozzu, our chef from Jakarta who became part of our Grassy Hopper team last April will make one Indonesian salad matching perfectly with the summer season. The Gado Gado salad is full of different crunchy vegetables, half raw and half cooked. The Gado Gado sauce tastes like peanut, and the salad is a combination of sweetness, savory and spicy flavors.



1. The benefits of positive thinking are not questioned anymore. Every morning, when you wake up,  try to think of 3 positive things for the day ahead. Even small things, like being grateful for the rays of sunlight outside, will improve your mood and create a calm and positive mind for the rest of your day.

2. Upon waking, drink an entire glass of water. Water is really important to hydrate and purify your body, if it is your first action of the day, you will feel the positive effects multiplied by ten.

3. A little bit of stretching with some deep breathing will help re-equilibrate your energy and prevent body pains.


4. Accompany your breakfast with a glass of squeezed lemon and water. Lemon helps to stimulate and detoxify the body and will give you energy to start a beautiful day.

5. Never skip breakfast! It is the most important meal of the day as it gives you energy. Plus eating a healthy meal first thing sets the tone for the day and you will more likely make healthier choices throughout the day. If you find it difficult to eat a meal go for a smoothie. There are thousands of  delicious recipes out there or create your own! Some inclusions may be vegan milks (almond, oat or seed milks), fruits, vegetables, cacao… choose your favorites and mix them up to benefit from a range of different fruits, vegetables and other ingredients. Also try adding different superfoods to your diet!

6. If you enjoy a full breakfast, great! Options are unlimited, whether you prefer a sweet or savoury dish. Examples include vegan pancakes, smoothie bowls, scrambled tofu or just a simple smashed avocado on toast. The list is endless! The important thing is to listen to your body and use healthy and wholesome ingredients (wholemeal bread, nuts, seeds, grains, quinoa, vegan raw chocolate, whole fruits/vegetables etc.) Try to incorporate a healthy source of carbohydrates, fats and protein (vegan ideally!). This will help to ensure that you stay fuller for longer and should satiate you until lunch time.

7. Before going about your day, smile at your reflection in the mirror. Strange advice isn’t it? Well, studies have proved that a smile, even forced, always send a message to the brain that will immediately send happy hormones  all around the body.

Is there something you do in the morning that contributes to you having a happy day? Comment below and share the love with the rest of the Grassy Hopper community!

Grassy Hopper Valletta

As 2018 approaches we have taken a radical decision to stop operating our Valletta outlet. It has been a great and at times challenging two years of bringing our food to Malta's capital.  One of the most beautiful things was seeing the diversity of people that we attracted. From judges and lawyers to bohemian artists and parched tourists. We especially enjoyed seeing the relieved faces of vegan and vegetarian tourists who felt like they had found water in the desert.  

We are particularly grateful to our regular customers who were the foundation of our operation. Many of them have seen all the phases that we went through. Catering is a difficult business and since we founded two other sister companies Theobroma and Sanya, running two Grassy Hopper outlets has stretched us too thin. So for this reason we have decided to focus all our energy on our Gzira outlet, extending our opening hours to also offer dinner from Wednesday to Saturday. 

Our mission remains the same. To disrupt the catering industry. To bring in new ideas and knowledge into our relationship with food. To help make it easier for people to access healthy food. To be a refuge for those who cannot find clean vegan food anywhere else. 

We will remain committed to serving our Valletta customers through our delivery service and we are also working on plans to offer pick up of special lunch boxes within Valletta. 

We know many of our customers will be disappointed to hear this news, but we count on your support to keep the spirit of Grassy Hopper alive and we look forward to updating you on some of the new ideas up our sleeve. 

Our Valletta outlet will be open for one last day on Friday 29th December, ending with our Ramen Night. Future editions of this popular event will be held out our Gzira outlet. 

Thanks again to all our customers and see you soon!


New Episode Live: The Permaculture Vision with Peppi Gauci

The latest podcast episode with Peppi Gauci is now live. Peppi is a pioneer of the Permaculture movement in Malta. He's worked on the Bahrija Oasis project for 14 years turning a wind swept, soil eroded plot of land into a thriving food forest and educational centre.

This conversation goes into Peppi's analysis of Malta from a permaculture perspective, his travelling adventures and the personal practices he uses to keep himself grounded and inspired.

You can also listen to the podcast from soundcloud or directly from your Itunes Podcast app by searching for The Grassy Hopper Podcast.

We love to hear your feedback so if you have been touched by anything you have heard please do drop us a line at We would also love to hear your suggestions for different guests that have an inspirational message to share!

Permaculture asks how can we recreate systems where everything is around us available, there is no waste and we can engage consciously in these systems together so whatever we take can be symbiotically returned and the system keeps on sustaining itself in balance
— Peppi Gauci

The Joys of Sprouting

Sprouts are so much fun. They give us the chance to bring all the joys of gardening and food preparation into one experience. They are easy to grow and have so many health benefits.

 Processed with VSCO with f2 preset Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

The specific benefits will depend on the type of seed that’s used but in general all sprouts are rich in micronutrients and fibre, whilst also being low in calories so they’re great to add to salads and on the side of any dish. It’s a good way to get some raw goodness into any meal.

From a more holistic point of view we can understand the power of sprouts by looking at children. Kids have so much energy, they can run around all day and still be wide awake at bed time. This is because they have a lot of life force energy (also known as prana or chi in some eastern traditions). Sprouts and baby greens also have a lot of life force energy and by eating them we take that fresh prana into our systems.

Besides sprouting there are even many benefits to simply soaking our seed of choice. Nuts and seeds and designed by nature the last for months. They lie on the soil throughout the hot summer months and once the first autumn rains arrive they begin to spring to life. This mechanism works due to enzyme inhibitors that are found in the seeds that prevent them from growing when the conditions aren’t quite right. With the first rains these enzyme inhibitors are washed away and the enzymes in the seed are able to do their job and make the plant grow. By watching the patterns of nature we can recreate this mechanism by soaking our seeds and nuts overnight. When we throw away the water the next morning all the enzyme inhibitors are removed and the seed comes to life. At this point its life force energy and nutrient content have increased and it becomes easier to digest since the body no longer has to handle the enzyme inhibitors that we find in unsoaked nuts. The soaked nuts and seeds can be consumed as they are, added to salads and smoothies or even dehydrated once again for those that prefer the crunch.

Almost any grain, seed or nut can be soaked and sprouted, although some are easier to digest and tastier than others. The ones we would recommend to sprout are: mung beans, alfalfa, red clover, broccoli, buckwheat and radish. These are some of the easiest to sprout so you can start experimenting right away. All other nuts and seeds can be soaked before consuming, here are some great ones to start with: walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

 Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Sprouting - here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Soak your seed of choice in good quality water overnight

Step 2. The next morning, drain the water and thoroughly rinse the sprouts with fresh water.

Step 3. Place the moist seeds in a jar with a piece of mesh/cheesecloth around the lid held in place with a rubber band. Keep the jar at a 45° angle so that any remaining water can continue to drain.

Step 4. Rinse the seeds at least twice a day.

Step 5. Once you begin to see small tails to grow on the seeds you can rinse and dry the sprouts and consume.

You can buy boxes of organic sprouts in compostable packaging from our Gzira outlet.