The Grassy Hopper Cafe - Coming Soon

We are super excited about the imminent launch of our first outlet with seating! Monday the 22nd will see our new space open its doors for the first time.

For the past two months we have been working to turn the place, from a totally bare unfinished property into the colourful and homely spot that we will call our home. We worked fully hands on with architects, designers and contractors to make sure that every corner was imprinted with our spirit. That every item inspires and communicates our vision.

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Our vision is to inspire a healthier relationship to food, through creativity, integrity, and transparency. We believe that the food that we eat is one of the foundations of how happy and fulfilling our lives can be. If we eat foods full of nutrients, energy and cleansing properties, the level of passion and commitment we can bring to our lives will increase accordingly.

Our mission is to make these choices as juicy as possible!

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We really hope our new Cafe will give you a good choice of tasty healthy dishes, drinks and treats. And we hope that the experience within our four walls will leave you with a slightly higher spring in your step

See you there!

The Grassy Hopper Team


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