Juices V Smoothies

So what’s the difference between a juice and a smoothie? This is a question that we get asked all the time, but it is not always easy to give you the low down during our busy lunch periods.  So here it is…where we stand on the juicing versus blending debate.

Juicing extracts fibre from fruit and leaves you with a high nutrient content.  Generally you need to use a lot more fruit in a juice, hence why the price tends to be higher.  This leaves you with a lot of nutrients (because you use more fruit than you can usually eat or blend) and high water content.

Also without all that fibre, it is a lot easier to digest and thus the nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream much quicker. This can be helpful if you have problems digesting fibre.

So basically juices are like a nutrient blast and because of this they rejuvenate and restore the body at the cellular level. This is why they are often used for healing and detoxification.  Pretty convenient in our hectic lives especially when the summer party season kicks in!

One thing you do need to be careful of though, is the high sugar content of most juices that gets absorbed in the bloodstream very quickly.  If you have diabetes, candida or a sugar intolerance be very wary of juicing.


Smoothies retain all the fibre content of the fruit/vegetables you are blending. Since many people don’t get enough fibre in their diets, this can be a real blessing. Without enough fibre we have more difficulty digesting our food, which can lead to nasty constipation situations.

The blender actually breaks down the fibre of the fruit or vegetables, helping you with digestion and releasing sugar/energy into your system in a more stable way – no blood sugar spikes!

Also with all the fibre in there, smoothies are much more filling and a more sturdy meal replacement than a juice.

In a sentence

Juice if you need quick energy or an immune system boost – but don’t have problems with your sugar levels

Blend if you want a more all round health benefit and don’t mind the extra serotonin that you get from a bit of chewing!