Our Veggie Patch

Cooking from a kiosk is pretty similar to camping, and has really give us an appreciation of how precious resources that we normally take for granted are.  Electricity and water being the most crucial in our case.  Since we are not connected to the grid for either of these two basic necessities, we have to make do with a small supply.

In the case of water, we have a small tank on our roof which we fill ourselves on a daily basis.  To save energy and time in transport we limit our use of water to 54 – 72 litres per day. Another limitation that we face is also in the disposal of the water once it has been used.

To give ourselves the option of pouring the water into the soil or sea, we use Earth Friendly cleaning materials which are certified grey water safe.  This means that we can put our water directly into the soil with no damage to the soil or plants.

Last week we were very surprised.  A small patch of soil where we have been pouring some of our grey water, has spontaneously turned into a garden.  As we mainly use the water for cleaning veggies and cooking equipment, some seeds make their way into our grey water and they have now received all they need to become fully fledged plants!

Not only were we really excited to witness the strength of nature’s forces turning our waste into new life, but it is also a great confirmation of the authenticity of the Earth Friendly products.  So we now have 5 tomato plants and 1 pumpkin growing and a few more baby sprouts on their way.

We are hoping that we will get the local council on board, to allow us to tend to a little garden as a demonstration area.

If you would like more information on the Earth Friendly products range visit CoreGreen’s website