A Hop in the Green Direction

The Grassy Hopper and our Permaculture pionnering partners at the Bahrija Oasis have been featured on the Air Malta in-flight magazine.

A super article written by Melanie Vella says, “This group of young, inspiring Maltese entrepreneurs are leading the way to setting new standards for businesses.  As conscious businesses, they aim to show that a successful business does not have to compromise on values to respect the environment and others, in order to cut costs to maintain commercial success.

Committing to sustainable strategies is ultimately good for business.”

The magazine showcases photos of The Grassy Hopper’s famous vegetarian burgers, fresh juices and smoothies and our iconic food truck. It celebrates the integration of ethical and eco-friendly practices and the use of permaculture principles within business.

The beauty of the marriage between permaculture and catering is the fact that permaculture offers a solution to the degradation of the soil, which ends up as the degradation of the nutrient content of our foods.

“Peppi Gauci from the Bahrija Oasis (home of Permaculture Malta) grows supergrasses, using permaculture techniques ensuring the grasses grow with the highest nutrient and oxygen content possible. The Grassy Hopper then serves daily shots of wheatgrass”

To find out more about Permaculture Malta visit their website