Our Tip Jar

Since October 2013 we have been using our tip jar for a special purpose.  Every week we collect our tips and at the end of every 2 or 3 months we donate the money collected to a charity voted for by our entire team.

Instead of each team member collecting a few extra euros at the end of the week, the team decided to put this money to good use and use it as a way of manifesting our desire to have a positive impact on the world around.  We believe that our business can make a difference through more than just our products, and we are passionate about making it happen!

Some customers upon hearing of our idea have also been adding their donations to our causes, as have some individual members of our team. 

This month we have just donated 140€ to an orphanage in Uganda.  The money will be used to feed the children and buy medical supplies.

If you have any suggestions of good causes for us to support, please leave your comments on this blog! And if you want some feel good movie inspiration along this theme, we highly recommend Pay It Forward!