Sustainable Brands Istanbul

Yasmin and Emmeline are back from their inspirational visit to the Sustainable Brands conference held in Istanbul.

The conference brought together a range of different companies and people within the sustainability field such as consultants, NGOs and CEOs. The topic of presentations ranged from ethical supply chain management to sustainable brand strategy and beyond. Yasmin the founder of The Grassy Hopper presented her ideas on effective brand strategy to drive sustainable products.

“It is great to really feel the momentum moving towards more sustainable values within the business world. We heard from companies with massive supply chains such as Unilever and Avery talking about the measures they are taking to become more sustainable, and we also heard from consultants who are suggesting that within the next 5 years 98% of customers will care greatly about the sustainability of the companies they purchase from.”

The Sustainable Brands group promote the movement into sustainable practices through their conferences, reports and through the large amount of material on their websites. If you are interested in this topic we highly recommend for you to check out their website and particularly their video database. Soon we will be sharing the recording of Yasmin’s talk at SB Istanbul 2014