Veggie Burgers at Earth Garden

The Grassy Hopper is back from a great weekend at Earth Garden Festival. Our vegetarian burgers were a great hit, with some customers trying the Beetroot and Bean burger for lunch and coming back for the spicy chickpea for dinner.

We also met some great other small business who are creating sustainability oriented products. Some of our favourites include Barefoot FanaticsChocolate District andMalta Aquaponics. They are our favourites because like us, they are businesses with a story, products with a purpose and people with passion!

We are super happy to have had the chance to strengthen the vegetarian tradition at Earth garden and we are already looking forward to next year and the new burger recipes we plan on surprising you with. If you have any feedback from your experiences of The Grassy Hopper at Earth Garden, please do get in touch.

A big thank you to the organisers, customers, musicians and other stall holders who all came together to produce a lovely event.