Composting Diaries

10 months into our Grassy Hopper life we are always looking at ways that we can up our game on the sustainability side.  A super challenge but also the best opportunity for creativity and growth.


Some of you may have noticed a new sign on our bin 'This is a compost bin' and a newer little green bin besides it.  This means that our large bin will be only reserved for compostable material which is being collected by Garbage to Gardens and transported to Vincent's Eco-Farm to be turned into high quality compost.

So this means you can only throw;


- GRASSY HOPPER PACKAGING (yes including forks and straws)


For all other waste please use the small green bin.  Step 2 will be ensuring that all green bin waste will be recycled.  This is our journey towards being a zero waste business.

Please help us by being mindful of where you put your waste and helping to pass on the message to the next person.