Vegetarian Debates

Some of you may be wondering...why vegetarian?

These are some of our favourite reasons for serving vegetarian (and vegan) food.

1. Vegetarianism is a pro-environment choice

- The cattle industry is a major source of greenhouse gases

- Meat is very inefficient compared with vegetables when it comes to the amount of food grown per acre of land

- Animals use a large amount of water

- Agribusiness is a main cause of deforestation

- The sheer quantity of animals now being raised for humans to eat now threatens the earth's biodiversity

- Vast quantities of excess nutrients form animal waste, factory farms, sewage, nitrogen compounds and fertiliser are swept into the rivers and oceans.

- Animal waste contains many pathogens including salmonella, E coli, cryptosporidium, and fecal coliform, which can transfer to humans through water run-off or manure or touch. In addition, millions of pounds of antibiotics is added to animal feed a year to speed the growth of cattle. 

- The western animal farming economy is based on oil, which is why there were food riots in 23 countries when the oil price peaked in 2008

- A meat diet is generally considered twice as expensive as a vegetarian one.

2.  We believe that a vegetarian diet is more healthy for both the body and the mind

This is obviously a complicated issue which we can not do proper justice in this article but the most important factors for us are;

- High acidity causing reaction of the body to meat

- Large amount of hormones and antibiotics in meat

- Our bodies natural dispensation to digesting vegetables and corresponding stress the body is put under to digest meat

3. We believe that not participating in an industry based on the death of animals promotes peace of mind

It is often mentioned that many of the world's greatest thinkers such as Albert Einstein chose not to eat meat. We believe that although historically eating small amounts of meat ceremoniously may have been normal, eating meat on a regular basis is not in our nature. And killing animals without reverence for their sacred part in the web of life, can actually be harmful psychologically and spiritually .