We are looking for team members

The Grassy Hopper is looking for new people to join our team! For both positions we are looking for people who want to join the project for the long term. 

We expect the highest standards of both personal and professional hygiene as well as disciplined people who take pride in their work.

We are looking for people who share our values of transparency, honesty, integrity, humility and responsibility.

Although work experience in a professional kitchen is an absolute must-have, this need not be in a vegan or vegetarian kitchen. Extensive training will be provided, including emphasis on the particular nature of vegan and vegetarian cooking, and catering to people with specific diets

1. Chef (part-time)

- A qualification and/or (minimum 1 year) experience working as a chef is an absolute must

- Must hold a valid drivers license and food handling certificate

- Must be passionate about vegetarian and vegan cooking

2. Service (part-time)

- Experience in hospitality or catering is essential

- Must hold a valid drivers license and food handling certificate

- Must be outgoing and a good communicator who is willing to develop deep product knowledge

If you are interested in either of these positions please send your CV and references to info@thegrassyhopper.com