What is a raw figolla?

Figolli are a traditional Maltese sweet prepared before Easter especially to be eaten on Easter Sunday. For those of you who know all about figolli, welcome to the world of Raw Figolli.

Given that raw figolli are around 3 times the price of normally figolli, we thought it would be fit to give an explanation of exactly how they are made.

As supremely tasty as the traditional figolli are, they unfortunately contain quite a few not so healthy (and also cheap) ingredients.  Namely; wheat flour, eggs, margarine, sugar, and icing sugar. Figolli recipes usually contain more then double the amount of wheat than ground almonds. These together with the eggs considerably bulk up the recipe and keep the cost low.

Over 80% of our raw figolla is made of pure un-roasted ground almonds.  As well as almonds we use walnuts and dates for taste and natural sweetness. These all create the main texture and give the figolla its classic almondy taste. 

Instead of eggs the raw figolla is bound using coconut oil and agave syrup - two rather expensive but high quality ingredients. Coconut oil improves good cholesterol in the blood, aides digestion, supports thyroid function, helps regulate blood sugar and increases your metabolism, energy and endurance. 

Instead of being sweetened by refined white sugar (of which the health consequences are reportedly numerous), our raw figolli are sweetened using dates and agave syrup - a sweetener derived from a cactus which has a lower glycemic-index (GI) than sugar. This gives it a much gentler effect on your blood sugar levels.

Instead of being covered in icing - we give our figolli a homemade coating made from pure cacao powder.

Since the filling of these figolli contains no wheat or eggs and is instead mostly raw nuts the cost is considerably higher - but the authentic richness coming from the nuts also means that you will be satisified by eating much less :)

So no figolli family wars ;)

(There are also a couple of taste boosting ingredients all natural ingredients added to the mix - but thats our little secret)

If you would like to place an order for raw figolli please contact us through our facebook page or e-mail us at info@thegrassyhopper.com