Our Compost Hero

We are super grateful to have crossed paths with Colin. When we were operating our kiosk, we had a store in San Gwann and in collaboration with Garbage to Gardens we were sending our compost to Vincent's Eco-Farm in Mgarr.

With the move to the Café and the closure of our store in San Gwann we didn't have a convenient way of getting our compost to the farm.

We agonized over how we could create a practical system to make use of such a precious resources. Kilos of fresh organic vegetable scraps and juice pulp. Then we met Colin.

Colin is super dedicated to the natural lifestyle. He grows his own vegetables, makes his own sour dough, kefir, sprouts and even shampoos. In fact his whole family are an inspiration for natural living. 

Colin (or sometimes his lovely substitute/wife) comes everyday to our Café in Gzira to pick up our organic waste. Sometimes he brings us some of his own grown organic chard or homemade whey protein. A beautiful collaboration based on the mutual aims of reducing our environmental impact and creating natural products.

Thanks Colin :)

We must become humble, responsible stewards and students of nature who apply sustainable principles to create truly successful businesses that heal the planet
— Horst Rechelbacher