Catering for the President

The more we cater for events outside our own premises the more fun we are having.  Not only do we get to create specific menus for different settings and events but it also gives us the chance to create new recipes.

For this event we took a finger food buffet menu to the President's Palace for lunch. The menu was varied, from pickled kholrabi salad boats (garnished with mung bean sprouts and crushed almonds)  to mini-veggie burgers and sandwiches.

A 7 item food menu was spiced up with some of our delicious raw brownies and a selection of energy balls. But the best part of all, was that the whole event was catered using sustainably sourced compostable packaging. The serving dishes and plates were recycled bamboo and the cutlery and glasses made from corn starch.

The crew hosting the event were excited to see a vegetarian buffet look so appetizing.  We are always half surprised and half enjoying to see the bewildered yet enticed look on the surrounding faces when we set up our buffets.