Green Smoothie Challenge

The #hopper40 Green Smoothie Challenge is a 40 day commitment to have a Green Smoothie every morning.

The idea was born out of a desire to give our new staff members a taste of what it means to #eatclean. A green smoothie every morning sets your body up for a full powered day. Kick starting your metabolism, alkalizing the body, giving you a good range of the amino acids that your body uses to make protein, not to mention a full range of vitamins and minerals.

With two new people joining our team next week all The Grassy Hopper crew will be embarking on the 40 day challenge....and we are inviting all of you to join us.

You can buy your green smoothies from either of our outlets at a reduced price over this period or you can make your own at home following our recipe. To offer you the added incentive of completing the challenge we are offering A Free Meal For Two* to anyone who finishes the 40 days. The only condition? You must post a photo of your green smoothie each day on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #hopper40 so we can make sure you are sticking to your side of the deal.

The Recipe

To make 500ml of Grassy Hopper Belle Verte Smoothie

* 1 Apple, 1/2 a lemon, a thumb of ginger, kale, parsley and mint (or any other seasonal leafy greens)

* Add 500ml of drinking water and ice if you would like it cool

Our Offers

* If you make your full commitment on day one and buy 40 smoothies you will get 1€ off each smoothie - 112€ for the 40 days

Money can’t buy you happiness but it can buy you a green smoothie...and that is pretty much the same thing

* If you come for one off smoothies during the 40 days (and you have been posting your photos every day) you can have your Green Smoothie daily for 3€