First Episode of the Grassy Hopper Podcast now live!

We are so happy to be able to share with you the first episode of our new podcast.  This Podcast is our space to explore further what it means to live a healthy life. 

The Grassy Hopper is not just about food. Food is a big part of it, but as you can read in our Manifesto, we also feel that living a healthy and fulfilling life has many other aspects to it. On this Podcast Yasmin interviews people who have an inspiring perspective or life experience to share. The interview will cover a vast range of topics, and often food might not even get mentioned, the common thread is a reflective view on life and how we can be more happy and fulfilled.

Our first episode welcomes David Zammit who is an adventurer, blogger and photographer, who left the corporate world behing to travel the world. His adventures include an epic 4,000km cycle, alone across the Australian continent. This conversation does into why Dave made certain choices and the impact of his adventures on his life view.

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If you enjoy the interview, please send us your comments and recommendations of more inspirational stories that need to be told.

Massive thanks to Monochrome Keys Music Studio for producing the track. Check out the website for one of the most passionate and awesome musicians we know.  Guaranteed quality tuition and workshops!