New Drinks Menu

We've revamped our drinks menu, keeping your old favourites but spicing them up with some new additions.

We always love finding new superfoods to boost our drinks, so we are really happy to be adding a Tumeric Tonic to the menu. This juice is made with fresh tumeric root, which is really one of the world's most amazing foods. Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant as well as being hugely beneficial for brain function.

Another addition that we are proud is the Fennel Fun juice. Not only is the main ingredient the powerful and local fennel bulb but it is complemented with oranges and lemons and a pinch of pink himalayan salt.

Since our Maca Mocha smoothie was such a fan favourite as a smoothie of the month we've decided to add it to the menu permanently! This smoothie is based on the brilliant combination of Cacao and Maca...two of our personal favourites.

The trusty old guard of the Belle Verte, Berry Coconutty and Pachamama smoothies are all staying but we've also decided to add another Green Smoothie to the menu. This one uses green apples and limes with the addition of sunflower seeds for that additional protein and nutty flavour. It is the perfect drink for anyone undertaking an anti-candida diet.

Hope you enjoy the new drinks and if you have any suggestions for future menu changes please comment below!