New Superfoods in Stock

In both our outlets we have a few small shelves where we sell superfoods and other speciality products. Both our spaces have very little space, which means that we have to be ultra selective in what products we choose to stock.

So although our shops are small, they are jam packed with super special items. Just yesterday we received a whole new stock of amazing superfoods from one of our favourite suppliers. We notice such a difference in the quality of their product. Everything from the smell, the taste and way it leaves us feeling.

We chose the world's most nutrient dense green powders; including Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheatgrass and an amazing new SuperGreen Mix (which combines the top 5 green powders). After the green powders we chose a selection of adaptagenic powders. These are powders from plants which give us the ability to better handle stress. We have a range that comes from all corners of the globe, from Peruvian Maca, to Siberian Ginseng and Indian Ashwaganda.

Next we moved on to some amazing powders derived from fruits. The amazing Acai and Lucuma, a pair both coming from the Amazon which have very high nutrient densities, and also a largely unknown but hugely powerful fruit from Africa called Baobab.

The range is complimented with some classic additions such as Bee Pollen, Hemp protein powder and Guarana. Each one of these superfoods deserves its own article, as they each have unique contributions to give to our diets. Luckily our suppliers have upgraded their packaging so each packet now gives a thorough explanation of the qualities the superfoods has to offer.

And if you want any more guidance you can e-mail us at or ask in one of our outlets.