Magical Flourish Teas

We always get extra excited when we have truly special products in stock. Flourish teas are definitely one of these.

Many of the herbs in their blends have been carefully selected and gathered from the wild and untouched Maltese countryside. Their healing qualities have been knowledgeably and thoughtfully combined with other valuable medicinal herbs to provide balanced and harmonious blends. 

Love and attention has been paid to the freshness, quality and holistic therapeutic value of each herb.  The drying process has also been accorded a lot of attention to ensure that the medicinal properties of each plant is conserved to the maximum.

Here below we introduce the first 3 signature blends; Serentea, Stabilitea and Vitalitea.

* Serentea - Passionflower, Rose, Skullcap, Camomile, Cinnamon, Limeflowers, Lavender, Hibiscus*, Strawberry*, Lemon Verbena*

This tea induces a peaceful, relaxed state of harmony and ease to help one unwind and de-stress. It acts physically on our hormones, nervous system and circulation and in turn quietens the mind.

* Stabilitea - Hawthorne Berries*, Nettle*, Liquorice root, Siberian Ginseng, Thyme*, Schizandra Berries, Sage*, Lemon* and Raspberry Leaf

This nurturing tonic tea is great to drink everyday, as it brings about a strengthening and balancing effect on the bodily systems to restore them to optimal functioning, despite all that life throws at you.

* Vitalitea - Lemon Balm, Rosemary*, Damiana, Spearmint, Lemon Leaves*, Orange*, Carob*, Rosehip, Bay Leaves*, Lemongrass

This uplifting, fresh and invigorating blends awakens the senses, boosts the circulation and lifts the mood, raising our vibration and bringing about a sense of clarity and restoration.

At both our outlets (Gzira and Valletta) you can try each of the teas and also buy a jar for home.