Big Changes Ahead

This month 5 years ago I swung open the hatch of the Grassy Hopper trailer and we started selling our first smoothies, juices and veggie burgers.

I was a woman on a mission to help people eat better. I wanted us all to have more choices,  for it to be easier to eat well and for it to be seen as something that makes you a better and more interesting person.

Looking back now, I feel I have accomplished many of those things. It is indeed much easier to eat healthily now. There are more options, cafes, food trucks and restaurants sprouting up in many parts of the island and even old favourites adding healthier dishes to their can even get a healthy meal delivered to your door.

There is still a long way to go. And there are still many issues within the food and catering industry (more on that later).

As I look forward to the next 5 years...I have been asking myself what role the Grassy Hopper has to play in our society and what I personally can continue to give to the cause.

2 years ago I started a new project Sanya Eco Spa. Sanya was born out of Grassy Hopper. It is a continuation of my mission to help people feel better. Whilst that mission started through has now expanded to include yoga, meditation, tools to de-stress, body work, breathwork, holistic treatments and more. There are so many people suffering from stress, anxiety and many other conditions that can be alleviated quite easily through lifestyle changes.

Personally when I look ahead to the next 5 years...I feel my deepest calling is to do this work.

The Grassy Hopper means too much to myself and many others to simply give up on its mission. So looking ahead we have decided to make some radical changes that will allow us to keep innovating and keep us doing what we love most….educating and seeking out those areas of health which are still not being given enough attention.

To do that...we have decided that churning out meals on a daily basis is not the best use of our energy...we want the time to put more thought and attention into both our creations and also the message behind and experience of having a Grassy Hopper meal...SO..

We will no longer be operating our cafe during the day. From the 20th of October we will only be opening for 4 evenings a week...bringing you 2 special concept dinners and 2 vegetarian bistro evenings. We’re also going to be concentrating on catering for specific events and requests including office lunches, parties, weddings etc.

We’ve really enjoyed the atmosphere of our evening events and are looking forward to some really cool ideas that we are going to develop over the coming weeks.

I know many people may struggle to understand this move and may be disappointed to not be able to get their lunches BUT we hope you will keep following our journey and that we will inspire you and serve you in different ways.

Upcoming events:

October 11th - Gluten Free Pizza Night

October 12th - Cuban Night

October 18th - Darjeeling Express (Indian)

October 20th - Ramen Night

October 24th - Plant Based Sushi Night

October 26th - Indonesian Night

Message our page to book your table for any of the above! Thank you for following our journey so far and we hope to see you at our events!


(The Grassy Hopper Founder)