New Lunch menu

We are releasing a brand new menu especially for summer ! Fresh vegetables, fruits and superfoods will not be lacking in our new recipes! For the hottest season in Malta, we wanted to focus even more on juicy, fresh and green ingredients on your plates. It is part of Grassy philosophy to adapt our menu to the different periods of the year. For summer we wanted to offer cold, lighter alternatives using seasonal and refreshing ingredients.

The new menu includes :

  • A brand new wrap : Green Protein Wrap

The wrap is made with green peas guacamole, avocado, tofu, spinach and cauliflower. Lighter and easier to digest, this new wrap will also provide you with a big amount of protein.

Please note that the Burrito wrap will stay in the menu for the summer.

  • All salads are being changed for summer : because a cold and fresh salad is probably the most appreciable meal during the hottest season in Malta !

Green Leafy salad with buckwheat cakes and sweet mustard dressing. This fresh and sweet salad is fully vegan and gluten free.

Cold noodle salad with tahini and matcha (finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves). As we use rice noodles, this salad is also gluten free.

  • Summer should not mean that we cannot appreciate a good soup anymore! That is why, at Grassy, we prepare a special when-its-too-hot-outside refreshing soup. It contains beetroot, coconut and wasabi cream. It is as cold as gazpacho, but is as a beautiful pink color to please our eyes!

  • Ozzu, our chef from Jakarta who became part of our Grassy Hopper team last April will make one Indonesian salad matching perfectly with the summer season. The Gado Gado salad is full of different crunchy vegetables, half raw and half cooked. The Gado Gado sauce tastes like peanut, and the salad is a combination of sweetness, savory and spicy flavors.