Bistro menu @ the Grassy Hopper

The Grassy Hopper is launching  "The Bistro Evenings" !

During the last few months the Grassy Hopper has been open during Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings with different dishes, and events to take you on a culinary trip in time. From today however, the grassy hopper has decided to offer a fixed menu, with 2 starters and 3 main dishes to chose from on the evenings where they do not offer a special event.

For our special events check our Facebook page to be sure not to miss any information.

All of the plates are plant based, and they try to offer as much gluten free options as possible.

For this month, the fixed menu during the bistro evenings is: 


Beetroot carpaccio (V & GF)

Nori pocket (V & GF)


Creamy mushroom Pasta (V) 

Gado Gado salad with brown rice (V)

Fajita skewers with tabouleh and cilantro chimichurri (V & GF)


For desserts, you will be able to choose from the vegan sweets made atTheobroma Raw cacao collective boutique ☺ 

You can choose either starter & main for 17,50€, main & dessert for 16,50€ or all three for 20,50€. 

The menu will be fixed for one month and then our chefs will create a different one, always following the seasonal changes, and trends within the plant based world. Reservations can be done between 18:30-20:30 and 20:30-22:30 by calling 21311676.