The Joys of Sprouting

Sprouts are so much fun. They give us the chance to bring all the joys of gardening and food preparation into one experience. They are easy to grow and have so many health benefits.

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The specific benefits will depend on the type of seed that’s used but in general all sprouts are rich in micronutrients and fibre, whilst also being low in calories so they’re great to add to salads and on the side of any dish. It’s a good way to get some raw goodness into any meal.

From a more holistic point of view we can understand the power of sprouts by looking at children. Kids have so much energy, they can run around all day and still be wide awake at bed time. This is because they have a lot of life force energy (also known as prana or chi in some eastern traditions). Sprouts and baby greens also have a lot of life force energy and by eating them we take that fresh prana into our systems.

Besides sprouting there are even many benefits to simply soaking our seed of choice. Nuts and seeds and designed by nature the last for months. They lie on the soil throughout the hot summer months and once the first autumn rains arrive they begin to spring to life. This mechanism works due to enzyme inhibitors that are found in the seeds that prevent them from growing when the conditions aren’t quite right. With the first rains these enzyme inhibitors are washed away and the enzymes in the seed are able to do their job and make the plant grow. By watching the patterns of nature we can recreate this mechanism by soaking our seeds and nuts overnight. When we throw away the water the next morning all the enzyme inhibitors are removed and the seed comes to life. At this point its life force energy and nutrient content have increased and it becomes easier to digest since the body no longer has to handle the enzyme inhibitors that we find in unsoaked nuts. The soaked nuts and seeds can be consumed as they are, added to salads and smoothies or even dehydrated once again for those that prefer the crunch.

Almost any grain, seed or nut can be soaked and sprouted, although some are easier to digest and tastier than others. The ones we would recommend to sprout are: mung beans, alfalfa, red clover, broccoli, buckwheat and radish. These are some of the easiest to sprout so you can start experimenting right away. All other nuts and seeds can be soaked before consuming, here are some great ones to start with: walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

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Sprouting - here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Soak your seed of choice in good quality water overnight

Step 2. The next morning, drain the water and thoroughly rinse the sprouts with fresh water.

Step 3. Place the moist seeds in a jar with a piece of mesh/cheesecloth around the lid held in place with a rubber band. Keep the jar at a 45° angle so that any remaining water can continue to drain.

Step 4. Rinse the seeds at least twice a day.

Step 5. Once you begin to see small tails to grow on the seeds you can rinse and dry the sprouts and consume.

You can buy boxes of organic sprouts in compostable packaging from our Gzira outlet. 

Green Smoothie Challenge starts Monday!

The Grassy Hopper Green Smoothie Challenge is back! We start this coming Monday 23rd January on this quest to live a more nourished life. The challenge is a simple commitment to have a Green Smoothie every day for 14 days… sign up to our mailing list to receive recipes, tips and motivation.

Our intentions behind this challenge have not changed. We want to show you just how good you can feel by introducing this green drink into your diet. It’s a simple change with powerful effects. Our manifesto is all about eating to fuel a happy and fulfilled life, and this challenge is the most efficient way to get there. Get ready for more energy, improved hair, skin & nails, a clearer and more focused mind and just an overall boost!

A green smoothie every morning sets your body up for a full powered day. The benefits are endless! It’s a super easy and delicious way to kick start your metabolism, alkalise your body & fill your body with the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants it needs to feel great! You can also add in a number of superfoods if you want that extra special kick! The passion and commitment that we can bring to our lives is proportionate to the fuel we put into our body so this challenge is not just about the physical effects but also about getting closer to your highest potentials.

Every great finish was once a simple beginning. Start now.
— Robin Sharma

You can buy your green smoothies from either of our outlets at a reduced price over this period or you can make your own at home. We will give you recipe ideas and would also love to hear yours.

To help you keep up the challenge and get inspired by other challengers, get creative and post photos of your green smoothie on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #14greendays . We will be giving out prizes to the most inspirational, dedicated and funny photos

We encourage you to continue the challenge on your own after the two weeks are up and are sure that once you experience how good you can feel, you will !

Here’s to a more nourished life!



Healthy Christmas hampers & packages

Can you believe we’re only a month away from Christmas? That means it’s time to start thinking about presents! Why not give your family and friends a selection of healthy and nourishing gifts this year? We create classic Christmas sweets with a healthy twist, that are also beautiful and delicious, and in our hampers also include a range of other homemade products from The Grassy Hopper and our raw chocolate shop Theobroma, such as homemade granola and nut butters. New this year are the inclusion of gift vouchers to our freshly opened eco-spa and wellness centre Sanya, such as vouchers for a massage, yoga class or a day pass for the spa.

This year’s healthy Christmas sweets include our homemade Christmas Log, Mince Pies and Baci Balls, all hand crafted with quality ingredients, such as raw cacao, coconut oil, cacao butter, nuts and dried fruits. All sweets are vegan and gluten-free* and are free from processed sugar, instead they are sweetened with dates and other dried fruits, coconut sugar and/or agave syrup.

We are offering the following Christmas Hampers, which are packaged together in a beautiful gift basket:

  • Hamper 1 (€30): 1x christmas log, 3x mince pies, 1 packet granola, 1 peanut butter (200g)
  • Hamper 2 (€40): 1x christmas log, 3x mince pies, 3x baci ball, 1 voucher for Sanya yoga class, 1 packet granola

  • Hamper 3 (€50): 1x christmas log, 5x mince pies, 3x baci ball, 1 Sanya day voucher

  • Hamper 4 (€80): 1x christmas log, 5x mince pies, 3x baci ball, 1 peanut butter (200g), 1 voucher for Sanya massage

We also sell the Christmas sweets separately or in discount packages:

  • Package 1 (€15): 4x mince pies + 5x baci ball

  • Package 2 (€25): 1x christmas log + 3x baci ball

  • Package 3 (€25): 1x christmas log + 4x mince pies

Christmas logs retail at €21, mince pies at €2 and baci balls at €2. At our outlets all sweets, including Christmas log slices (€2) are also available to enjoy with a warming cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate. To place your order, either visit one of our outlets in Gzira or Valletta, or send us your order by e-mail to and mention what you would like to order, the date you would like to pick up your hamper and your contact details. Hampers can be picked up any day we are open between the 1st and 24th December, with a minimum of two days from order day to pick up, and the last order on 22 December. Packages can either be purchased directly from our outlets or ordered and picked up on an agreed day.

We’re looking forward to celebrate Christmas with you this year and provide you with healthy sweets & presents during this indulgent month.

*Christmas logs, mince pies and baci balls are gluten-free and prepared in a gluten-free environment (at our gluten-free raw chocolate shop Theobroma). However, since hampers are packed at The Grassy Hopper outlet, please advise us in case you are coeliac so we take extra care to avoid cross-contamination at The Grassy Hopper. The granola offered in some of the hampers is not gluten-free, but we can arrange a gluten-free substitute for the hampers containing granola if requested.


The Grassy Hopper Cafe - Coming Soon

We are super excited about the imminent launch of our first outlet with seating! Monday the 22nd will see our new space open its doors for the first time.

For the past two months we have been working to turn the place, from a totally bare unfinished property into the colourful and homely spot that we will call our home. We worked fully hands on with architects, designers and contractors to make sure that every corner was imprinted with our spirit. That every item inspires and communicates our vision.

I Believe Group1.jpg

Our vision is to inspire a healthier relationship to food, through creativity, integrity, and transparency. We believe that the food that we eat is one of the foundations of how happy and fulfilling our lives can be. If we eat foods full of nutrients, energy and cleansing properties, the level of passion and commitment we can bring to our lives will increase accordingly.

Our mission is to make these choices as juicy as possible!

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We really hope our new Cafe will give you a good choice of tasty healthy dishes, drinks and treats. And we hope that the experience within our four walls will leave you with a slightly higher spring in your step

See you there!

The Grassy Hopper Team


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PHONE -> 21 311676


Malta's Best Burgers

Our vegetarian burger has infiltrated a list of top 10 gourmet burgers in Malta.  The Malta Today scouted out for the restaurants with the best gourmet burgers on offer.

Our beetroot and bean burger comes in at number at 7 “a meal with all the indulgences of a regular burger with none of the guilt”

We are happy to be bringing quality vegetarian burgers into people’s mainstream eating habits, in fact since this article was written we have launched a second burger – The Spicy Chickpea.

The burger is fast proving to be in competition with our pioneering burger, the Beet and Bean.

Look out for new vegetarian burgers to be launched in the near future at The Grassy Hopper’s take-away restaurants in Valletta and Ta’Xbiex.