Being really happy, what does it mean?


This morning I looked in my mail and found an article in Ill-Bizzilla, Air Malta’s magazine, mentioning the Grassy Hopper as one of the three places to eat in Malta as a vegan. How Malta has an ever growing vegan community, over 5000, and is changing rapidly. I feel deep gratitude for Grassy being recognised as one of the places to go to inMalta, looking for a plant based menu. Especially with so many good other restaurants on the island!

We always had a vision at the Grassy, how it has never been about being vegan or vegetarian, but about being truly healthy. How the energy of the chef already defines so much in the outcome of the food. How the service you receive at our little establishment will be of great influence how you feel when you walk out of the door. How the products you use define the outcome. How every little thing at Grassy is intertwined into a formula, to give you, the customer the best experience, whilst serving, and maybe teaching a thing about real, honest, healthy food.

Being truly happy is something we all want. And when you look at what makes you really happy, it is never the new car, nor the 2 tv’s. The clothes you wear or the money on your account. It is mostly the experiences you have and share with people. These are things that are priceless. And your health. You cannot place money on health. Unfortunately people do not realise this, until they get sick. Your body and your mind, defines your happiness. It defines what you will do with your life. It defines everything.

The scary thing is that mostly, we take it all for granted. Our mental health, our physical health. I’ve met people who are at the end stage of their lives because of disease, and they truly absorb everything in life. They enjoy the small, but yet most important things in life. I’ve met people with mental issues, anxiety, bipolar, depression, and more. And most of them, if they get to break out of the cycle, realise how important the intake of the right food is for there health. But what if we could realise before it gets to late?

This is what the Grassy Hopper is. We want you to live the most fulfilling life possible. To absorb everything that is truly important in life. To serve everyone in the best way you can. Every little small encounter you have in your daily routine matters. Because you matter. The food you put in your body every day is of such great influence in how you feel, act, and how your life will enfold.


Our sister company Sanya is on a mission to help people GoWithin themselves, since we all have the obligation to one selves to live the best, happy and fulfilling life as possible. If you truly want to change your life, I strongly suggest you have a look at their stress reset program. Founder Yasmin de Giorgo has developed a 14 Day Stress Reset Experience™ based on her own experiences, training, and many years of energy, blood, sweat and tears running 3 businesses and being a character prone to a burn out. If anyone knows how to deal with stress, it is her.

Once we understand that the fulfilling part has nothing to do with status, money or things, we can move beyond, and start to really live, and all in our own ways serve humanity at its best.

And that is in the end what truly matters. Is it not?

Hope to see you all at Grassy, every Saturday we have a different theme, keep an eye on Facebook for updates, our chef Ozzu is back from is well deserved break, keep the 4th of May free for a beautiful Indonesian night!

- Rachelle