2018, what a year it was!


A few more days left before we enter a new year, and what better moment to reflect on all that has happened and changed in our lives.

This has definitely been one of the most moving, changing, and challenging years in the Grassy Hopper history. It was the year where we changed our opening hours, and stopped serving breakfast and lunch, something that was the core of our business the last 5 years. 

The beginning of 2018 started with the closing of our Valletta outlet, and slowly changing our Gzira outlet in a business ensuring on a daily basis that we offered what we had been promising for the last 5 years. To serve the best quality, healthy food, prepared with love and good energy, and always plant based.

We started to open the cafe in the evenings, where we created a place for our customers to go on a world wide trip; being introduced to different cuisines and cultures. Presenting worldly authentic dishes, all changed into plant based versions. Our Cuban nights became a popular theme, and still customers enjoy our Jackfruit sandwich, a twist on the classic cuban sandwich. From Jerusalem to Indonesia, from Mexico to South Africa, Japan and Latin America, no country remained untouched.

It was a change for our team, some decided to continue on their own personal journey and made the travel back home, and others traveled many miles to come and work at the Grassy Hopper. It was a year of emotional goodbye’s and heartwarming new friendships. If anything, the Grassy Team has become a real family.

I can truly say it was a busy year, and am happy to add that our changes have been received positively by our customers. We changed our daily cafe into a full service restaurant where we emphasised the service, creating a safe and warm environment for everyone to enter and have a great evening. 

In 2018 we received a Golden certificate from the Sustainable eats and treats organisation, rewarding us for our never stopping quest on being a sustainable business, where we recycle, use organic soaps, and never use plastic packaging. We source our products as much as possible local, and never stop to question how we can improve this mission. 

So now 2019 is 4 days away. It is a promising year ahead, and we look very much forward to offer even more of our core values to our customers. It will be a year where we will grow from “just” a restaurant, into a platform offering workshops, guidance, and opportunities for our customers to truly find the tools to live a fulfilling life. 

But more about this soon. 

Now is the time to reflect, and create space for yourself to decide how your 2019 will look like; and what you have learned from 2018. Yours truly will spend three days at a retreat hosted by Sanya, reflecting and diving into my own personal journey before closing the year. As I do so, I wish you a fantastic last week of 2018 surrounded by Love, and I am looking forward to see you all back at Grassy in 2019.


Management The Grassy Hopper

We will be open on the 28th with a gluten free pizza fest, and the 29th with bistro evening, before closing for the year.