1. The benefits of positive thinking are not questioned anymore. Every morning, when you wake up,  try to think of 3 positive things for the day ahead. Even small things, like being grateful for the rays of sunlight outside, will improve your mood and create a calm and positive mind for the rest of your day.

2. Upon waking, drink an entire glass of water. Water is really important to hydrate and purify your body, if it is your first action of the day, you will feel the positive effects multiplied by ten.

3. A little bit of stretching with some deep breathing will help re-equilibrate your energy and prevent body pains.


4. Accompany your breakfast with a glass of squeezed lemon and water. Lemon helps to stimulate and detoxify the body and will give you energy to start a beautiful day.

5. Never skip breakfast! It is the most important meal of the day as it gives you energy. Plus eating a healthy meal first thing sets the tone for the day and you will more likely make healthier choices throughout the day. If you find it difficult to eat a meal go for a smoothie. There are thousands of  delicious recipes out there or create your own! Some inclusions may be vegan milks (almond, oat or seed milks), fruits, vegetables, cacao… choose your favorites and mix them up to benefit from a range of different fruits, vegetables and other ingredients. Also try adding different superfoods to your diet!

6. If you enjoy a full breakfast, great! Options are unlimited, whether you prefer a sweet or savoury dish. Examples include vegan pancakes, smoothie bowls, scrambled tofu or just a simple smashed avocado on toast. The list is endless! The important thing is to listen to your body and use healthy and wholesome ingredients (wholemeal bread, nuts, seeds, grains, quinoa, vegan raw chocolate, whole fruits/vegetables etc.) Try to incorporate a healthy source of carbohydrates, fats and protein (vegan ideally!). This will help to ensure that you stay fuller for longer and should satiate you until lunch time.

7. Before going about your day, smile at your reflection in the mirror. Strange advice isn’t it? Well, studies have proved that a smile, even forced, always send a message to the brain that will immediately send happy hormones  all around the body.

Is there something you do in the morning that contributes to you having a happy day? Comment below and share the love with the rest of the Grassy Hopper community!

Vegetarian Debates

Some of you may be wondering...why vegetarian?

These are some of our favourite reasons for serving vegetarian (and vegan) food.

1. Vegetarianism is a pro-environment choice

- The cattle industry is a major source of greenhouse gases

- Meat is very inefficient compared with vegetables when it comes to the amount of food grown per acre of land

- Animals use a large amount of water

- Agribusiness is a main cause of deforestation

- The sheer quantity of animals now being raised for humans to eat now threatens the earth's biodiversity

- Vast quantities of excess nutrients form animal waste, factory farms, sewage, nitrogen compounds and fertiliser are swept into the rivers and oceans.

- Animal waste contains many pathogens including salmonella, E coli, cryptosporidium, and fecal coliform, which can transfer to humans through water run-off or manure or touch. In addition, millions of pounds of antibiotics is added to animal feed a year to speed the growth of cattle. 

- The western animal farming economy is based on oil, which is why there were food riots in 23 countries when the oil price peaked in 2008

- A meat diet is generally considered twice as expensive as a vegetarian one.

2.  We believe that a vegetarian diet is more healthy for both the body and the mind

This is obviously a complicated issue which we can not do proper justice in this article but the most important factors for us are;

- High acidity causing reaction of the body to meat

- Large amount of hormones and antibiotics in meat

- Our bodies natural dispensation to digesting vegetables and corresponding stress the body is put under to digest meat

3. We believe that not participating in an industry based on the death of animals promotes peace of mind

It is often mentioned that many of the world's greatest thinkers such as Albert Einstein chose not to eat meat. We believe that although historically eating small amounts of meat ceremoniously may have been normal, eating meat on a regular basis is not in our nature. And killing animals without reverence for their sacred part in the web of life, can actually be harmful psychologically and spiritually .


A Hop in the Green Direction

The Grassy Hopper and our Permaculture pionnering partners at the Bahrija Oasis have been featured on the Air Malta in-flight magazine.

A super article written by Melanie Vella says, “This group of young, inspiring Maltese entrepreneurs are leading the way to setting new standards for businesses.  As conscious businesses, they aim to show that a successful business does not have to compromise on values to respect the environment and others, in order to cut costs to maintain commercial success.

Committing to sustainable strategies is ultimately good for business.”

The magazine showcases photos of The Grassy Hopper’s famous vegetarian burgers, fresh juices and smoothies and our iconic food truck. It celebrates the integration of ethical and eco-friendly practices and the use of permaculture principles within business.

The beauty of the marriage between permaculture and catering is the fact that permaculture offers a solution to the degradation of the soil, which ends up as the degradation of the nutrient content of our foods.

“Peppi Gauci from the Bahrija Oasis (home of Permaculture Malta) grows supergrasses, using permaculture techniques ensuring the grasses grow with the highest nutrient and oxygen content possible. The Grassy Hopper then serves daily shots of wheatgrass”

To find out more about Permaculture Malta visit their website

Malta's Best Burgers

Our vegetarian burger has infiltrated a list of top 10 gourmet burgers in Malta.  The Malta Today scouted out for the restaurants with the best gourmet burgers on offer.

Our beetroot and bean burger comes in at number at 7 “a meal with all the indulgences of a regular burger with none of the guilt”

We are happy to be bringing quality vegetarian burgers into people’s mainstream eating habits, in fact since this article was written we have launched a second burger – The Spicy Chickpea.

The burger is fast proving to be in competition with our pioneering burger, the Beet and Bean.

Look out for new vegetarian burgers to be launched in the near future at The Grassy Hopper’s take-away restaurants in Valletta and Ta’Xbiex.


A New Outlet is Born

We never thought 6 months ago that we would already be opening up our second outlet. But here we are. We are super grateful to our customers who have made the start of our mission to bring healthy fulfilling food to this island, a dream.

Valletta is a beautiful city, our capital city, which brings that little bit of extra joy in seeing our food being offered here.

As with the opening of the kiosk it has been an intense and challenging journey. We designed our own kitchen, planned every part and executed it with a few rookie mistakes en route. Somehow everything fit in magically – literally to the inch.

We learnt from our mistakes, supported each other through the long work days and have become much closer as a team!

Thank you for your support and we hope that you will enjoy having The Grassy Hopper’s dishes available from the city!