Magical Flourish Teas

We always get extra excited when we have truly special products in stock. Flourish teas are definitely one of these.

Many of the herbs in their blends have been carefully selected and gathered from the wild and untouched Maltese countryside. Their healing qualities have been knowledgeably and thoughtfully combined with other valuable medicinal herbs to provide balanced and harmonious blends. 

Love and attention has been paid to the freshness, quality and holistic therapeutic value of each herb.  The drying process has also been accorded a lot of attention to ensure that the medicinal properties of each plant is conserved to the maximum.

Here below we introduce the first 3 signature blends; Serentea, Stabilitea and Vitalitea.

* Serentea - Passionflower, Rose, Skullcap, Camomile, Cinnamon, Limeflowers, Lavender, Hibiscus*, Strawberry*, Lemon Verbena*

This tea induces a peaceful, relaxed state of harmony and ease to help one unwind and de-stress. It acts physically on our hormones, nervous system and circulation and in turn quietens the mind.

* Stabilitea - Hawthorne Berries*, Nettle*, Liquorice root, Siberian Ginseng, Thyme*, Schizandra Berries, Sage*, Lemon* and Raspberry Leaf

This nurturing tonic tea is great to drink everyday, as it brings about a strengthening and balancing effect on the bodily systems to restore them to optimal functioning, despite all that life throws at you.

* Vitalitea - Lemon Balm, Rosemary*, Damiana, Spearmint, Lemon Leaves*, Orange*, Carob*, Rosehip, Bay Leaves*, Lemongrass

This uplifting, fresh and invigorating blends awakens the senses, boosts the circulation and lifts the mood, raising our vibration and bringing about a sense of clarity and restoration.

At both our outlets (Gzira and Valletta) you can try each of the teas and also buy a jar for home. 


Now opening on Wednesday Evenings

Happy. Happy.Happy!

We are finally opening our doors on Wednesday evenings in our Gzira outlet. We start serving food at 7pm and kitchen closes at 10pm.

On the menu will be a few set dishes and from time to time we will also be creating a special theme.

So far we have been inspired to hold Indian, Maltese and raw food nights. Coming soon will be Balinese, mocktail and acoustic nights. If you have any inspirations of particular cuisines or themes you would like to see us try, let me know!

Stay green!

New Superfoods in Stock

In both our outlets we have a few small shelves where we sell superfoods and other speciality products. Both our spaces have very little space, which means that we have to be ultra selective in what products we choose to stock.

So although our shops are small, they are jam packed with super special items. Just yesterday we received a whole new stock of amazing superfoods from one of our favourite suppliers. We notice such a difference in the quality of their product. Everything from the smell, the taste and way it leaves us feeling.

We chose the world's most nutrient dense green powders; including Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheatgrass and an amazing new SuperGreen Mix (which combines the top 5 green powders). After the green powders we chose a selection of adaptagenic powders. These are powders from plants which give us the ability to better handle stress. We have a range that comes from all corners of the globe, from Peruvian Maca, to Siberian Ginseng and Indian Ashwaganda.

Next we moved on to some amazing powders derived from fruits. The amazing Acai and Lucuma, a pair both coming from the Amazon which have very high nutrient densities, and also a largely unknown but hugely powerful fruit from Africa called Baobab.

The range is complimented with some classic additions such as Bee Pollen, Hemp protein powder and Guarana. Each one of these superfoods deserves its own article, as they each have unique contributions to give to our diets. Luckily our suppliers have upgraded their packaging so each packet now gives a thorough explanation of the qualities the superfoods has to offer.

And if you want any more guidance you can e-mail us at or ask in one of our outlets.

Raw Figolli Explained

Figolli are a traditional Maltese sweet prepared before Easter especially to be eaten on Easter Sunday. For those of you who know all about figolli, welcome to the world of Raw Figolli.

Given that raw figolli are around 3 times the price of normally figolli, we thought it would be fit to give an explanation of exactly how they are made.

As supremely tasty as the traditional figolli are, they unfortunately contain quite a few not so healthy (and also cheap) ingredients.  Namely; wheat flour, eggs, margarine, sugar, and icing sugar. Figolli recipes usually contain more then double the amount of wheat than ground almonds. These together with the eggs considerably bulk up the recipe and keep the cost low.

Over 80% of our raw figolla is made of pure un-roasted ground almonds.  As well as almonds we use walnuts and dates for taste and natural sweetness. These all create the main texture and give the figolla its classic almondy taste. 

Instead of eggs the raw figolla is bound using coconut oil and agave syrup - two rather expensive but high quality ingredients. Coconut oil improves good cholesterol in the blood, aides digestion, supports thyroid function, helps regulate blood sugar and increases your metabolism, energy and endurance. 

Instead of being sweetened by refined white sugar (of which the health consequences are reportedly numerous), our raw figolli are sweetened using dates and agave syrup - a sweetener derived from a cactus which has a lower glycemic-index (GI) than sugar. This gives it a much gentler effect on your blood sugar levels.

Instead of being covered in icing - we give our figolli a homemade coating made from pure cacao powder.

Since the filling of these figolli contains no wheat or eggs and is instead mostly raw nuts the cost is considerably higher - but the authentic richness coming from the nuts also means that you will be satisified by eating much less :)

So no figolli family wars ;)

(There are also a couple of taste boosting ingredients all natural ingredients added to the mix - but thats our little secret)

If you would like to place an order for raw figolli please contact us through our facebook page or e-mail us at

New Drinks Menu

We've revamped our drinks menu, keeping your old favourites but spicing them up with some new additions.

We always love finding new superfoods to boost our drinks, so we are really happy to be adding a Tumeric Tonic to the menu. This juice is made with fresh tumeric root, which is really one of the world's most amazing foods. Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant as well as being hugely beneficial for brain function.

Another addition that we are proud is the Fennel Fun juice. Not only is the main ingredient the powerful and local fennel bulb but it is complemented with oranges and lemons and a pinch of pink himalayan salt.

Since our Maca Mocha smoothie was such a fan favourite as a smoothie of the month we've decided to add it to the menu permanently! This smoothie is based on the brilliant combination of Cacao and Maca...two of our personal favourites.

The trusty old guard of the Belle Verte, Berry Coconutty and Pachamama smoothies are all staying but we've also decided to add another Green Smoothie to the menu. This one uses green apples and limes with the addition of sunflower seeds for that additional protein and nutty flavour. It is the perfect drink for anyone undertaking an anti-candida diet.

Hope you enjoy the new drinks and if you have any suggestions for future menu changes please comment below!

Chefs Wanted

Do you want to be part of a conscious work environment? Do you have a vision that involves people eating the cleanest and most nourishing food possible? Do you want to learn how to prepare food which is organic, raw, gluten-free and sugar free?

We are looking for Chefs to join our team! Experience in this particular type of cuisine is not essential but general kitchen experience is required.

We encourage freedom and creativity in the workplace but are looking for people who have the responsibility and self-motivation to thrive in such a system. At the Grassy Hopper we provide a working environment that is based on principles of conscious business; Integrity, Responsibility, Communication, Humility, Emotional Maturity - an environment that makes work meaningful and fulfilling.

Everything that is really great and
inspiring is created by the individual
who can labor in freedom.
— Albert Einstein

Whilst we look for technical skills in our potential team members we also look for the interior skills that are required for a workplace to operate harmoniously.

"Can we create organizations free of the pathologies that show up all too often in the workplace? Free of politics, bureaucracy, and infighting; free of stress and burnout; free of resignation, resentment, and apathy; free of the posturing at the top and the drudgery at the bottom? Is it possible to reinvent organizations, to devise a new model that makes work productive, fulfilling, and meaningful? Can we create soulful workplaces―schools, hospitals, businesses, and non profits―where our talents can blossom and our callings can be honoured?"

This is the question we are asking and living. If you feel that you have the external skills and the internal desire to contribute to such a workplace please send us your CV:

Christmas Hampers

Healthy christmas logs, flourless mince pies? These are things that really get us excited, and we are super happy that this year we found the time to find the perfect recipes. They taste so good, and you can rejoice in the effect of the low sugar content when you accidentally eat 3 in a row.

Both the logs and the mince pies are available on order from either of our outlets. But even better is a hamper full of home made healthy Christmas goodies. 

We have hampers ranging between 20€ and 40€ and one extra special one at 70€. Everything in the hampers is homemade apart from the Zotter Organic Chocolate, Mango Green Tea and the Thank You Hot Tea Flask.

20€ Hamper - 5 Mince Pies, 3 Baci Balls, Granola Jar and an Organic Zotter Chocolate Bar

25€ Hamper - 5 Mince Pies, 3 Baci Balls, Granola Jar and a jar of Mango Green Tea (80g)

30€ Hamper - Christmas Log, 4 Mince Pies and 2 Baci Balls

40€ Hamper - Christmas Log, 4 Mince Pies, 2 Baci Balls, Granola Jar, Mango Green Tea (80g)

70€ Hamper - Thank You Hot Tea Flask 330ml, Christmas Log, 4 Mince Pies, 2 Baci Balls, Granola Jar and a jar of Mango Green Tea (80g) or 2 Organic Zotter Chocolate Bars

The Thank You Hot Tea Flask is a fully sustainable flask, made from recycled or earth friendly materials and is even designed using the Fibonacci Spiral numbers to help structurize the water molecules.

To order your hamper please send us a an email at or message us through our facebook page.

Looking for new Chefs!

Do you want to be part of a conscious work environment? Do you have a vision that involves people eating the cleanest and most nourishing food possible? Do you want to learn how to prepare food which is organic, raw, gluten-free and sugar free?

If yes...then we want to hear from you! We are looking for new people to join our team...not just anyone, but people who resonate with our mission and will come to work wanting to serve a greater purpose.

As well as passion for clean living, we expect the highest standards of both personal and professional hygiene as well as disciplined people who take pride in their work.

We are looking for people who share our values of transparency, honesty, integrity, humility and responsibility. We can offer a very nice work environment and work that is fun and meaningful!

Chef - (Full time/part-time)

Although work experience in a professional kitchen is an absolute must-have, this need not be in a vegan or vegetarian kitchen. Extensive training will be provided, including emphasis on the particular nature of vegan and vegetarian cooking, and catering to people with specific diets

- A qualification and/or (minimum 1 year) experience working as a chef/kitchen hand

- Must hold a valid drivers license and food handling certificate

- Must be passionate about vegetarian and vegan cooking

- Must have very good team working skills

Please send your CV's and question answers to


Now back open on Sundays

We are back from our summer reduced hours and into opening every Sunday.

On Sundays we try and funk up our daily specials to give you a taste of dishes that are more traditional but with a healthy twist. 

We also have a new breakfast item on our menu: A raw granola cup with homemade coconut yoghurt and an acai berry purree.

So our full breakfast menu is as follows:

* Acai Bowl - Banana, Berries, Coconut Milk, Acai powder, topped with homemade granola, chia seeds and coconut

* Granola - Our homemade granola blend served with milk of your choice

* Oat Cup - Oats, cashews, coconut, goji berries, banana and milk of your choice

* Scrambled Tofu - Tofu scrambled with veggies served with wholegrain toast

* Wholegrain Toast - Avocado & olive oil, tomato & Basil or homemade peanut butter

* Raw Granola Cup - Sprouted and dehydrated granola, acai berry purree and coconut yoghurt homemade with high quality probiotics