At The Grassy Hopper we love to cater for your events and provide you with fresh, homemade and healthy food & drinks. We offer a variety of finger food and buffet style food options, breakfast and packed lunch options, and also provide drinks, such as fresh smoothies, juices or organic soft drinks, and vegan and gluten-free sweets.

We cater both for small events such as a family dinner or birthday party, and for larger events such as conferences, seminars, and weddings. 

“I organised a Seminar for Education Officials, NGOs, school management & teachers with the focus of presenting research & resources linked to sustainable development. To fit with this theme I wanted to make sure that the catering that we provided was also sustainably sourced and The Grassy Hopper were a perfect fit. To allow for attendees to move around & network I went for a selection of finger food. Grassy Hopper staff were great at getting back to me quickly to confirm all of the details and everything ran smoothly on the day. There was a great selection and lots of comments about how tasty the food was. Thanks Grassy Hopper!!”
— Hannah Chisholm, Education Manager, BirdLife Malta

For a full list of our options and prices, please send an email to info@thegrassyhopper.com to enquire. We are always happy to discuss any alterations or see what we can help you with if you have something else in mind. All our food & drinks are 100% vegetarian and we can also provide fully vegan and/or gluten-free menus on demand. If you have any allergies or other requirements, please get in touch.

“Really impressed with The Grassy Hopper’s outside catering. If you are running a seminar the last thing you want is for the food side of things to either let you down from a quality point of view or add to your workload. The Grassy Hopper to the rescue! Cool, fresh menu options, and just the kind of thought provoking food you need at an alternative transport seminar. Catered well for allergies too and very professionally done.”
— Jim Wightman, PRO, Bicycling Advocacy Group Malta

All our packaging and serving items, such as napkins, cutlery, straws and individual pots for outside catering, are Vegware compostable packaging and can be provided for your event. Depending on your needs we can discuss delivery to your venue and set-up of the food & drinks. We can also provide a waitering service.

For further details and prices please email us on info@thegrassyhopper.com.