GH Podcast

This is the Grassy Hopper Podcast where founder Yasmin de Giorgio hosts interviews with different people who inspire us with their adventures, experiences and depth of life. Health and living a full life is not just about the food we eat but also about our perspectives, attitudes and experiences


Recent episodes



Nathan Farrugia is a top 10% worldwide age group Ironman Athlete. He has completed some of the toughest challenges ever attempted including setting a world record for consecutive marathons, raising thousands of euros for charity in the process. This conversation goes into what drives Nathan, and what he has learnt from pushing past his limits.


Peppi gauci

Peppi is a pioneer of the Permaculture movement in Malta. He's worked on the Bahrija Oasis project for 14 years turning a wind swept, soil eroded plot of land into a thriving food forest and educational centre. This conversation goes into Peppi's analysis of Malta from a permaculture perspective, his travelling adventures and the personal practices he uses to keep himself grounded and inspired.

simon paul sutton

Simon is the author of the upcoming book "Burglar to Buddha", former actor, motivational speaker, workshop leader and transformational coach who urges humanity to stop lying and start loving. With a heavy dose of humour Simon uses his own journey of transformation to support and motivate others to start living more transparently.


maria farrugia

Maria is the co-founder of The Kul Kul farm, a permaculture project in Bali, next door to The Green School. She is the heart, creative ideas and voice that connects the farm to the world. This conversation explores Maria's move to Bali from Malta and the idea of business as a tool of transformation and service to something greater than ourselves